We miss playing live music so much, we miss the lights, the sound, the sweat, we miss you! In lieu of touring this year we are sharing live EP recorded on our last tour, earlier this year when things still felt normal. It a digital release and we are offering it as ‘pay what you want’ - if you can support us and thus allow us to continue making music then please do, your support means the world to us.


Order by donating below. A download link will be sent to the email you provide via PayPal shortly after.


Bad Thing - Live from Stoke

Bad Girls Forever - Live from Stoke

Ponytail - Live from Cambridge

Young Girls - Live from Brighton

After Hours - Live from York

Ghosting - Live from Cambridge

Thank you



A download link to PINS Live EP will be emailed to you the address you provide via PayPal.

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Manchester, UK

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